Chip Roy tells Democrats they have turned the control of our borders over to the cartels

Daily Wire:
WATCH: Chip Roy Unloads On House Democrats In Hearing And Storms Out

Firebrand freshman Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) slammed House Democrats on Thursday for prioritizing a “fishing expedition” into senior White House aides’ communications instead of focusing upon the needs of the American people.

“We’re not doing anything to stop and deal with the problems we got, with cartels managing the border,” Roy said during a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing. “We’re sitting here in a fishing expedition for emails, alleging that we’re trying to do that in compliance with the law that’s being complied with.”

“In what universe is this what we’re supposed to be doing for the United States of America, for the people in this country who are watching their country racking up mountains of debt — $320 billion over existing spending levels, which would still give us a trillion dollar deficit,” he continued. “Well done, Congress. Well done.”
The Democrats on the committee were not used to this kind of pushback on their fishing expeditions.  They seem to think their job is to play gotcha with the Trump administration rather than governing in a responsible manner.


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