Judges dismisses DNC suit against Trump campaign over hacking

Washington Examiner:
A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Democratic Party against President Trump's campaign, which alleged a conspiracy with Russia to disrupt the 2016 presidential campaign, because no one on the campaign was involved in stealing material from the Democratic National Committee.

In an 81-page opinion Tuesday, U.S. District Judge John Koeltl in New York said the actions by the Trump team, including specific individuals named in the lawsuit, were protected by the First Amendment.

WikiLeaks, which was also named in the lawsuit, was additionally determined to be protected by the First Amendment because the organization did not steal the documents and only disseminated material that was in the public interest. And while Koeltl said the Russian government was "undoubtedly" involved in the hacking of DNC servers, he noted federal law prohibits lawsuits against foreign governments with few exceptions that were not present in the case.

"In sum, the DNC does not allege any facts to show plausibly that any of the defendants, other than the Russian Federation, had any role in hacking the DNC's computers or stealing its information — it attributes that conduct only to the Russian federation. And the DNC does not dispute that the documents were of public importance. Therefore, the First Amendment protects the publication of those stolen documents," Koeltl wrote.
For nearly three years the Democrats have been falsely accusing Trump and his campaign of working with the Russians to defeat their candidate.  As the liberal media is want to say about almost any utterance from Trump, the Democrats made the allegations without a shred of evidence to support it.


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