Media makes excuses for anti free speech liberal fascism

Washington Post:

Two GOP senators want antifascists to be labeled ‘domestic terrorists’

Sens. Bill Cassidy and Ted Cruz have introduced a nonbinding resolution against the collection of groups, networks and individuals who support aggressive opposition to activists on the far right.
This is a good example of how the media sees its job as writing briefs for violent liberalism.  Antifa has been physically assaulting conservatives just trying to exercise their free speech rights ever since Trump's inauguration.  They are the equivalent of the Brownshirts if liberal fascism and are also equivalent of the KKK when it comes to intimidation tactics against those who reject the evils of liberalism. 

Calling violent assaults on conservatives "aggressive opposition" is an attempt to justify acts the Washington Post would condemn if done by conservatives.  The writer and the editor who approved this lead should be ashamed.


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