NBC poll shows race relations improving significantly in the South since Trump's election

Red States:
We’re supposedly living under the most racist president in recent history and it’s causing a rash of racist behavior across the United States, but oddly enough, a new poll conducted by NBC shows race relations are on the rise, especially in that supposed hotbed of racism, the south.

According to NBC News, their latest poll of the south shows that as Trump’s poll numbers rise, race relations improve:

The survey of voters in 11 southern states found 38 percent said they “strongly approve” of the way Trump’s handling his job, and 16 percent who said they “somewhat approve.” That’s up slightly from a poll in September of last year, which put his total approval at 52 percent.

More Southerners also said they think race relations in their states are improving. Twenty percent said they’re getting better, compared to 14 percent in September. The number of people who said relations are getting worse dropped significantly, from 44 percent in September to 34 percent in the current poll. A plurality of respondents, 44 percent, said they’re “about the same.”

This runs absolutely contrary to the mainstream narrative currently rolling around the country. Since before he even took office, Trump was labeled as the man who is supported by hate groups of every shade. CNN’s Don Lemon even made the wildly racist claim that Trump was inspiring the radicalization of white men.

Thing is, it’s hard to claim racism is thriving when the people aren’t being racist. With race baiting leaders looking more ridiculous than ever, the public may be in the midst of figuring out that we’re not each other’s enemies after all. In fact, racism spiked under Barack Obama, who often made race an issue.
Note that this is an NBC poll and not a Rasmussen poll, but it is consistent with what Rasmussen has been finding in its recent surveys.  I suspect all this talk about racism is just Democrats trying to frighten blacks in voting for them despite the obvious improvement in black's circumstances since Trump's election.


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