The twin obsessions of Democrat politicians--impeachment and race

Michael Goodwin:
To judge by what they say and do, Democrats are obsessed with two topics: impeachment and race. With Robert Mueller’s disastrous performance driving a stake through the heart of the former, race is shaping up as a defining issue in this week’s second round of presidential debates.

As a New York Times article put it, “The searing fight over race, inequality and history has come to dominate the Democratic presidential contest.” Count that as an understatement.

Just ask Joe Biden, who’s still wondering what hit him at the first debate. But he shouldn’t get lost looking back because the same club is about to whack him again.

Hoping to copy Sen. Kamala Harris, who scorched Biden over his opposition to school busing nearly 50 years ago and leapfrogged into the top tier of candidates, Sen. Cory Booker is preparing his own assault along racial lines.

Booker, polling at a measly 2 percent, is faulting Biden’s criminal-justice plan and calling him the “proud architect” of a system that led to mass incarceration of minorities. And that’s just for warmups.

“It is easy to call Donald Trump a racist now, you get no badge of courage for that,” Booker said in a preview of his debate plan before the National Urban League. “The question is, what were you doing to address structural inequality and institutional racism throughout your life? Don’t just tell us what you’re going to do. Tell us what you’ve already done.”

The logic of Booker’s plan is obvious. Beyond how it lifted Harris in the polls, her attack revealed the liabilities of Biden’s record and weak debating skills. He was shocked by her broadside and, ­unable to give a coherent answer, aimed to escape by looking at the clock and declaring in defeat, “My time is up.”

To make his predicament even starker, Biden is scheduled to stand between Harris and Booker on a Detroit stage this week.

Biden’s mental freeze in the first debate is not surprising because the 76-year-old frontrunner probably assumed he was inoculated on racial issues by his faithful service as vice president to Barack Obama, America’s first black president.

But the attacks on Biden illustrate how much Dems have changed in three years. The Obama administration was the most leftist in modern times, but those days look almost modest by comparison to this year’s hysterical calls for impeaching Trump along with overt demands for socialist and race-themed policies.
The primary audience for this nonsense is white "regressives" while blacks and Hispanics have not really moved that far to the left.  This embrace of the evils of liberalism by the so-called "progressives" is in the face of progress resulting from Trump's policies.  But progressives have a long history of willingness to adopt fascists policies to push their control freak agenda.


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