Democrats desperate attempt to revive the Russian collusion hoax

Michael Goodwin:
In other words, the promised revelation of “criminal misconduct” boils down to partisan spin of the report. This is not news, and the only shock is that NBC would so foolishly pretend otherwise.

Certainly the Democrats’ newest plan to smear President Trump is not news after more than two years of leftist obsession with Russia, Russia, Russia collusion and accusations that Trump was a traitor. When they proved to be damnably false charges, the accusers switched ­focus to insist he committed obstruction of justice and would be frog-marched in handcuffs out of the White House.

Given that Mueller didn’t recommend any criminal charges, the only news is that Dems refuse to give up on their fantasies.
The Democrats and Muller are likely to be embarrassed by questions raised by REpublicans about the fraudulent Steel dossier and the failure to pursue Russian collusion by the Democrats who paid big books for the Russian lies in the dossier.


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