Democrats will keep playing the bogus race card against Trump in 2020

NY Times:

Trump Sets the Terms on Racial Division. Do Democrats Know What to Do?

Democratic candidates universally denounce Mr. Trump’s words, but disagreements exist on how the eventual presidential nominee should best respond on race.
Democrats have so abused the race card against President Trump that it has become meaningless to most Americans and is not even working in parts of the black community or the Hispanic community. 

This tired old attempt to frighten black votes is like the Democrats used to frighten White voters in the Jim Crow era.  It deserves to be thrown into the ashcan of history and replaced with a campaign on the merits of real policies such as capitalism versus Democrat attempts to go back to the failed policies of the Obama era. 

We know Trump policies have produced prosperity and jobs.  The tight workforce has also led to increased wages to attract workers.  Policies proposed by leading Democrat candidates seek to reverse this with more control freak government and more taxes.


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