Why don't junkies sue the cartels too?

Washington Post:
The biggest civil trial in U.S. history will start with two Ohio counties

Cuyahoga County and Summit County soon will be at the center of the most important legal test of how much responsibility drug companies bear for the opioid epidemic.

A drugstore in one Cleveland suburb received millions of pain pills, more than any other in Cuyahoga County, over a seven-year period.
Obviously, drug companies are easier to serve legal papers too and their assets are easier to reach.  I do have empathy for those addicted to opioids.   Many of them became addicted trying to deal with chronic pain.  My only experience with opioids was a prescription I was given after surgery to remove skin cancer.  The pain killers actually made me sick and I quit taking them after a couple of days and started using extra-strength Tylenol. 

But it really is too bad the cartels cannot be sued.  They are truly evil.


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