Democrats have lost touch with rural white voters

Washington Free Beacon:
David Atkins, a Californian regional director for the Democratic Party and a Bernie Sanders supporter, criticized rural white voters for lacking gratitude in a Twitter thread posted Thursday night.

In the thread, Atkins wrote that rural voters are "heavily subsidized, drowning in federal largesse, blessed with political affirmative action & overrepresentation, have all their bills paid by cities and blue states," but still "whine and yell constantly."

In subsequent tweets, Atkins blasted Fox News watchers, claiming that "The Fox News cult hates the values of the vast majority of Americans who aren't rural white evangelicals and want nothing to do with them."

Atkins did temper his criticisms, expressing sympathy for rural whites. "Don't get me wrong: I'm all about reaching out & showing rural white America that it's the plutocrats that are hurting them, not people of color. Rural white America really is hurting," he clarified.
Did it ever cross Atkins mind that without those rural white voters he and the rest of the liberals in the cities would be starving?   He also pushes the Democrat lie that these rural white voters are racists.  It is the typical bigotry of the left that pushes the false narrative about racism.  It is their go-to argument whenever they are challenged because they live in fear of losing the black vote and they need to keep those voters frightened of the "other."


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