Democrats want Trump to shut up about the failures of liberalism

Greg Gutfeld:
Once again, the media is calling President Trump racist, this time for exposing the obvious: Baltimore's Democratic machine has failed the city.

After decades of doing what big-city Democrats do so well — running their cities into the ground — Baltimore is crime-ridden, drug-ridden and rodent-ridden.

But now the media really cares about Baltimore, because Trump tweeted!

Meanwhile, what else is our racist president up to?

  • He's about to execute a white supremacist.
  • He's trying to free a black rapper from a foreign jail.
  • He's presided over historic levels of low unemployment among minorities.
  • He's pushing prison reform that directly benefits families of black men.
  • He calls out absent leaders of a city where minorities are the main victims of crime and blight.

Wow, Trump sucks as a bigot.

But the press deems any criticism of a "politician of color" racist.

Of course, what’s really racist is that kind of pandering.

Was Trump’s attack on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio just days ago also racist?

As always, Trump hits everyone — 600 targets on Twitter alone. Still, the media claims he targets only minorities.

I guess that makes the BBC racist too! "If you wanted to know what poverty in America looks like, well, this is it," the network said in one broadcast featuring Baltimore. "Incredibly, this entire block here is pretty much made up of dilapidated, abandoned houses. Incredibly, some people still are living in between this, though."

Ugh, racism with an accent.

Baltimore’s mayor wasn't much better.

"What the hell? We should just take all this [stuff] down," then-Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh said during a 2018 tour of the city. "You can smell the rats ... you can smell the dead animals."

Then there was also the New York Times claiming Baltimore’s hell is one "few American cities have seen in years."
What Trump did was violate the "people of color" privilege that Democrats use to put blacks and others above criticism from Republican Presidents.   This used to be just a Democrat black politician privilege that puts them above criticism for the failure of their policies but has been expanded to other perceived minority groups where they are now practicing identity politics rather than American politics.  These people are all adults and should be held accountable like all other adults when their policies fail or they otherwise fail at their jobs.  It is, in fact, racist to treat them otherwise.


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