The multiple false premises in this NY Times opinion piece

NY Times:

Trump Wants Immigrants to ‘Go Back.’ Native Americans Don’t.

The president and his followers lack authority to tell anyone to leave this country because they are not indigenous to this land.
There are no "native Americans" in America.  Those who are described as such are merely early migrants from Asia.   The other false premise is that Trump was telling all immigrants to leave.  That is an absurd overstatement.  He was telling some misguided freshman Congresswomen who are proposing radical change to try those changes in their counties of origin and then come back to the US an implement them if they are successful.   The left is so determined to label Trump a racist that they ignore what he actually said.  Trump did not identify these women by their ethnicity, nor did he use a racial slur.  The implication that a statement that was common during the Vietnam war and had zero racial overtones is racist is just ridiculous.


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