Senate agrees to waste money on electric car facilities

Fuel Fix:
Senators agree to spend billions on electric car infrastructure

Republican and Democratic senators have agreed to pump billions of dollars in federal funding into building electric car charging stations and other infrastructure for low-emission vehicles.

Under an appropriations bill released by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Monday, the Transportation Department would distribute $3.5 billion over the next five years for projects that reduce carbon emissions from transportation. It would also hand out $1 billion in grants for infrastructure supporting vehicles powered by electricity, hydrogen or natural gas along designated sections of highway.

"This bipartisan legislation includes the first-ever climate title in a highway bill and would invest $10 billion in policies and innovative projects aimed at reducing emissions and enhancing resilience," Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., said in a statement.
Unless these facilities can charge a vehicle in five to ten minutes they will not be adequate to meet the demands of travelers and commuters.   If they are intended to replace fossil fuel vehicles they would also require huge additions to the grid to produce electricity.  Those demands could not be met adequately with inefficient and unreliable wind or solar-based energy.


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