New poll is bad news for agenda pushed by Democrat candidates

If you’re President Donald Trump, you’re feeling pretty good. While polling hasn’t been your best friend, Mr. President, you should take note of the latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll. It nukes the core of the 2020 Democratic agenda. Two of the Left’s major pieces for their 2020 election goodie bag, Medicare for all, health care for illegals, and slave reparations, totally trashed. On the former, even minority voters aren’t sure about Medicare for all, with 46 percent saying it’s a good idea to 49 percent who disagree. As of now, more voters think that Democrats would take this country in the wrong direction, 48/43 right/wrong.

On health care for illegals, 62 percent say it’s a bad idea, including 47 percent of moderate Democrats and 67 percent of independents. That’s a kryptonite issue. Sixty-seven percent are opposed to the Democratic plan to decriminalize illegal border crossings, with 47 percent of Democrats, 68 percent of Independents, and 63 percent of minatory voters opposing the left-wing push for open borders. Oh, and 37 percent of progressive Democrats, the Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez wing, also agree; decriminalizing border crossings is a trash idea.

Wait a minute, the Green New Deal (Scam! Cough! Cough!) “Medicare for all that want it” seems pretty popular at 63 and 70 percent approval respectively, right? Well, for starters, when your flesh out the Green New Deal and find that it seeks to ban the internal combustion engine, you just watch those numbers drop faster than D.B. Cooper’s 727 jump. It’s literally government coming in and taking over your life. Oh, and Medicare, well, again, there’s a reason why the numbers are so low when you ask voters about it being a replacement for private insurance. That’s the real number since the polls phrased it like this: “Medicare for all that want it, that is allow all Americans to choose between a national health insurance program or their own private health insurance.” This is la la land. You cannot have the two systems co-existing. Those who are pushing it, AOC, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders, make that quite clear. Still, some other good figures is that those who plan to vote for Trump no matter what rose nine points, with those dead set on booting him dropping from 57 to 53 percent and we have over a year until the next election. If jobs and economic growth continue, with the Democrats peddling terrible policy initiatives, expect that number to continue to drop. Even with a field this big on the Left, it’s filled with no-names, blowhards, and those who are way past their prime. There is not a single candidate I can see beating Trump in 2020. And with this agenda, it looks like even the Democrats have some issues in their backyard.
When you get to a poll on the issues the Democrat candidates are out of touch with a majority of the voters.


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