Deep State deeply worried about having its mendacity exposed

Thomas Lifson:
Deep State apoplectic over the appointment of John Ratcliffe as DNI — for good reason

In other words, trust and protect those intelligence professionals who conspired with their MI6 colleagues, FBI head Comey and counterintelligence agents like Peter Strzok, and the Australian and Italian intel services (among others) to set up surveillance of the Trump campaign and the later appointment of the Mueller/Weissmann team to take down the elected president. It's not for nothing that Ignatius has been called "the mainstream media's apologist for the Central Intelligence Agency" and is a leading recipient of leaks. (A couple of paragraphs after the prose above, Ignatius calls James Clapper "the most successful DNI since the position was created" — which tells you what he considers "success" to be.)
Clapper was a liar and clearly dead wrong about the Russian collusion hoax.  He has reason to fear what may be exposed about his on conduct if an honest man like Ratcliffe becomes DNI.


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