Who is recruiting jihadis?

NY Times:

Clinton and Trump Trade Sharp Attacks on Antiterror Policy

Hillary Clinton branded the Republican nominee as a “recruiting sergeant for the terrorists,” while Donald J. Trump accused Mrs. Clinton of having “emboldened terrorists” as secretary of state.
I don't buy Clinton's argument.  It suggests that Muslims are so unstable that a few words from Trump can turn them into a mass murderer.  Does she really believe that?

We know that the best jihadi recruiters are the Islamic preachers of hate who get them all hopped up on jihad.  That is the main source of enemy fighters.

Clinton may reject this analysis because she and Obama want to continue the fiction that the Islamic terrorists have nothing to do with Islam.  But if it does not why are the mosques where they go to be recruited?

Does she actually embolden terrorists?  Only indirectly.

Her Libyan screw up certainly unleashed a lot of terrorists and provided them with weapons that were not secured when Libya's government was overthrown.  The retreat from Iraq that Obama ordered while she was Secretary of State certainly unleashed more terrorists.

I think what is really happening is that Clinton and Obama are looking for scapegoats for the failure of their current policies and they would rather blame a guy who is not even a part of the chain of command.  They want to change the subject from refugees bent on mass murder to Trump's proposed policies.


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