Evidence mounts of scheme to avoid production of Clinton emails

Guy  Benson:
Wow: Apparent 'Smoking Gun' Evidence Uncovered on Hillary's Email Deletion Scheme


That (since deleted) advice-seeking reddit post came from a user who has been reasonably confirmed to be Paul Combetta, the Clinton aide -- and "oh sh*t!"guy -- who was tasked with using BleachBit to permanently wipe Hillary's email archive. Ace thinks this indicates Combetta was instructed to strip Hillary's (his 'VERY VIP' client) addresses off of "a bunch of archived email" so that her team could withhold and delete politically problematic messages she'd sent and received: "What it sounds like was that he was trying to change the email address of who sent the emails so that he could say 'we have no emails from Hillary Clinton or Jake Sullivan, etc., responsive to your request,' Ace writes. That is totally plausible. Another theory from AP: "If there were emails where it was obvious and inarguable that the information contained in them was classified, Hillary might want her address off of those emails so that she could claim she never saw them and thus wasn’t guilty of mishandling classified info personally." Two strong potential motives.

US News & World Report adds this piece to the puzzle: That 'help me strip an email address' reddit post went live on July 24, 2014. That's literally the day after the House Benghazi Committee "reached an agreement with the State Department on the production of records, according to an FBI report." In other words, one day after the State Department finally knew it would be forced to comply with a Congressional subpoena, Hillary's tech guy was asking the Internet for tips on how to wipe a major VIP's identifying address off of "a bunch" of emails. (6) Was the FBI aware of this particular instruction their witness received the day after it became clear that Clinton's records were going to be made public? And how's this for coincidental timing?
There is much more.

The FBI probably needs to bring this guy in for further questioning and it also needs to run down the documentation on the Reddit request.   Congress will also be interested in this evidence thread.


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