House votes to expose wealth of Islamic religious bigots who rule Iran

Washington Examiner:
More than 40 Democrats joined Republicans in passing legislation Wednesday aimed at revealing the wealth of Iranian leaders, despite President Obama's promise to veto the bill due to fears that it would undermine his nuclear deal with the regime.

Lawmakers in the House passed the bill 282-143, and 42 of the "yes" votes came from Democrats. Still, if the bill were to make it to Obama's desk and he vetoed it, a two-thirds majority would be needed to override that veto, and today's House vote fell short of that margin.

Secretary of State John Kerry admitted months ago that some of the money Iran received through the lifting of economic sanctions under the nuclear deal would be used to finance terrorism. After failing to block the deal, Republicans have settled on a strategy of discouraging businesses from exercising their right to invest in the country by highlighting the regime's support for terrorism.

"The people of Iran and the citizens of this world deserve to know how much the chief sponsor of terrorism in Iran have accumulated and what the money is being used for," Maine Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin, the author of the bill, said on the House floor. "And businesses around the world that are looking to possibly invest in Iran should know before their investment who and what they're dealing with."
The Democrats who oppose the bill say that it violates the terms of Obama's bad deal with Iran.  The Republicans deny that.  It would not bother me if it did.  It is a worse than worthless deal that should be abrogated as soon as possible.  

I find it interesting that Sec. Clinton can claim that Trump's criticism of radical Islam "gives aid and comfort to the enemy" when Obama's deal does that by the billions of dollars and they still get to make nuclear weapons.  The administration has admitted that the money given the religious bigots of Iran can and will be used for their terror operations against the US and its allies.  There is literally no logic to this deal.  None.


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