Marines get new amphibious landing vehicle

Fox News:
A nearly 34-ton armored fighting vehicle-- that swims? Marines will have a new Amphibious Combat Vehicle to storm the beaches in future battles.

(BAE Systems) Unveiled this week at the Modern Day Marine, the Amphibious Combat Vehicle, or the ACV 1.1, was created by BAE Systems and IVECO Defence. The vehicle combines a high degree of protection with amphibious and land capabilities.

The new armored assault vehicle can launch from a ship at sea and then travel by water, ready to launch attacks on the shore. Once it reaches ground, it can chase enemy forces at 70 miles per hour and unleash some serious firepower.

Currently, the Marines use options like the AAV-7A1 amphibious assault vehicle to move from ship to shore. The AAV-7A1 has been in service for about 45 years, and has undergone upgrades, but there is room for improvement and a new vehicle to meet the current and future requirements of today’s Marine Corps.

The ACV 1.1 could join the Marine Corps’ Assault Amphibious Vehicle fleet in the future.

Based on a platform developed by IVECO Defence Vehicles, the ACV 1.1 leverages a new 6-cylinder, 700HP power pack. This approach aims to equip the Marines with even more power than the current Assault Amphibious Vehicle.

The ACV 1.1 is big enough to carry 13 Marines plus a crew of three. It’s about 29 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 9 feet high.
There is more.

The vehicle is built to be launched from as much as 12 miles away and has a range of 250 miles on land traveling at about 70 miles an hour.  The Marines need the new gear, even though there have not been many amphibious assaults in recent years.


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