This sounds worse than calling someone 'Miss Piggy'

The Washington Post Asks If Hillary Clinton Was An Enabler To Bill’s Serial Sexual Assaults

In an ABC News interview, she called Flowers “some failed cabaret singer who doesn’t even have much of a résumé to fall back on.” She told Esquire magazine in 1992 that if she had the chance to cross-examine Flowers, “I mean, I would crucify her.”
Six years later, Bill Clinton acknowledged a sexual encounter with Flowers.
Former White House press secretary George Stephanopoulos recalled in his memoir discussing a woman’s allegation published in Penthouse Magazine. He said that after her husband dismissed it as untrue during a meeting, Hillary Clinton said, “We have to destroy her story.”
She later admitted that it was a mistake to not settle the Paula Jones case, which led to the discovery of Clinton's affair with Lewinsky.  Actually, it was poor judgment on her part and was, in fact, a colossal mistake.   Don't forget that during the 1992 campaign she referred to these revelations of affairs as "Bimbo eruptions."  And she criticizes Trump for calling an overweight Miss Universe "Miss Piggy"?

What I find remarkable about this story too is that the Post has been all in as a media "NeverTrumper."  The story shows they have not completely surrenders their integrity,


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