Trump and free trade issue

NY Times:

Who Hates Free Trade Treaties? Surprisingly, Not Voters

Support for trade agreements in general, and the pending Pacific pact in particular, stands in notable contrast to the toxicity of trade this election season.
Texas has around a million jobs tied to trade.  It is the leading export state in the union and that includes high tech.  Thousands of those jobs were created as a result of NAFTA which has been a net plus for the state.  Trump's appeal seems more targeted to the failed blue states who are stuck with their forced union laws which make them less competitive.

BTW, Texas is also home to Toyota's corporate headquarters in the US as well as its truck manufacturing facilities.

Trump is wrong on the trade issue, but his target audience appears to be disaffected, Democrats.  His criticism of Ford for moving some manufacturing to Mexico appears to be based on misinformation.  His stated policy of imposing tariffs on goods manufactured abroad would hurt US consumers and fall especially hard on the poor.


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