There is a correlation between the Muslim population and terrorism

Mark Steyn: ‘The More Muslims You Have, the More Terrorism You Have’

STEYN: Well, you said at the top of the show that migrants aren’t the problem, jihadists are. And that’s true but there is a crude arithmetic here, Bill which is that the more Muslims you have, the more terrorism you have. So, that France, Belgium and Germany have very high Muslim populations, and they have a lot of terrorism. When you were in Poland and the Czech Republic, they have very few Muslims so they don’t have terrorism. And the question for Europe, and I think for the United States a few years down the line is whether you can contain this, just by the big security state....
He went on to say that France now has troops patrolling the beaches to protect the people from terrorist attacks.  There is a problem with Muslims and their religious beliefs that too many are trying to ignore.


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