Russia comes under withering criticism at UN

Britain has accused Russia of committing “war crimes” in Syria as world powers rounded on Moscow in one of the most bitter meetings of the UN Security Council in recent memory.

As Russian jets took part in what rebels called the “scorched earth bombing” of Aleppo, Western powers charged Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, with deliberately undermining peace talks and flouting its historic responsibilities to the United Nations.

The almost complete rupture of relations between Russia and the Western powers played out in angry scenes at the UN’s New York headquarters, where Britain, France and the US openly condemned Russia as “an international pariah”.

The exchanges marked the effective collapse of the US-led Syria peace process that had tried to get to Russia to use its influence in Syria to help bring an end to the six-year war that has now claimed around 400,000 lives.

With a US-backed no-fly zone and other military intervention ruled out by President Obama, Britain, France and the US launched the diplomatic onslaught in an attempt to shame Russia into helping to end the suffering.

Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General, urged the powers to work to “end the nightmare” singling out Russia’s use of bunker-busting bombs to hit schools and hospitals operating in basements.

“How much longer will all those with influence allow such cruelty to continue?” Mr Ban said.

Earlier, Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, said Russia may have committed war crimes by bombing a UN aid convoy last week and accused President Putin of not only “handing the revolver” to the Assad regime, but also helping to pull the trigger.
So, they finally noticed.  Trump may be one of the few people in the world who still holds Putin and Russia in high regard.  What is happening is just a continuation of Assad's policies with the added help of Russian firepower, and the obvious impotence of western leaders like Obama.


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