The Obama-Clinton policies have failed to protect America

James Robbins:
Clinton’s charge against Trump of what amounts to treason has to be weighed against a grim reality. This weekend’s attacks were much closer to Trump’s worldview than that of the Democrats. The pattern — domestic terrorism allegedly committed by radical Muslim immigrants connected to, or inspired by, ISIL ideology — tracks the type of extremist threat Trump has been warning the country about all along. In addition, incidents over the last year in Chattanooga, San Bernardino and Orlando show similar attacker profiles and motivations. The problem isn’t an image-driven contest of conflicting narratives; it is a fundamental failure to secure America from violent radicals.

This uptick in terrorism puts Clinton in a bind. She cannot critique the Obama administration’s shaky counterterrorism strategy, but she cannot duck the reality that Americans are less safe than they were. Her only option then is to blame Trump. This is nothing new. Back in December, she falsely claimed that ISIL had recruiting videos featuring Trump. But the terrorists must have been listening to her because five months later, a video with a clip of Trump emerged. Essentially, Clinton wrote the Islamic State’s talking point.
There is much more.

While the White House has described the war as a "contest of narratives" the fact is, they are losing by whatever measure they choose.  They have failed to keep America safe and seem to have a philosophy  of an acceptable number of American casualties.

As I have pointed out before, Clinton's suggestion that Trump's words can drive Muslims to an insane desire to commit mass murder does not reflect well on the world she is trying to portray.  What really motivates the Islamic terrorist is a sense of Islamic supremacy and the teaching of jihad by the preachers of hate in the mosques.  Clinton is not interested in attacking on that front so she feigns Trump making them crazy.


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