Women in Ohio not excited about Hillary Clinton's candidacy

Washington Times:
Heather Tabbert, who works as a waitress at a Waffle House here, has been a Democrat all her life but this year the only thing she is certain about in the presidential race is that she won’t vote for Democratic nomineeHillary Clinton.

Maybe she’ll stay home on Nov. 8. Maybe she’ll vote for Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“I don’t know about either of them, but If I was going to vote, it would probably be for Trump because if Hillary gets it, nothing will change,” she said on a recent morning as she served up waffles, eggs and hash browns.

Mrs. Clinton, who has made her bid to make history as the first female president a centerpiece of her campaign, has hit an unexpected rough patch with women voters in this key battleground.

Weak support from women would deliver another blow to Mrs. Clinton’s attempt to reassemble President Obama’s hope-and-change coalition that twice won him the White House.

Female voters such as Ms. Tabbert, who doesn’t closely follow politics, say they are put off by the Clinton scandals — the secret email, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation — but mostly they are resistant to the status quo in Washington that they think Mrs. Clinton represents.
It looks like they are more interested in a new hope and change from what Obama has given them. At least one poll shows Clinton trailing by around five points in Ohio.


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