Obama has been a failure in the war being waged against us

Benny Avni:
President Obama will surely put his best spin on his legacy Tuesday in his eighth and final speech to the United Nations General Assembly. But even his biggest fans must struggle to ignore the spread of mayhem on his watch, in the Mideast and beyond.

The president is likely to highlight his oh-so-historic diplomacy, from that (toothless) global climate agreement to the improvement, such as it is, in the world’s economy. Plus, of course, the nuke agreement with Iran and the opening to Cuba.

So how fitting that as Obama speaks in New York, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will be completing a trip to Cuba and Venezuela, before giving his own UN speech Thursday. After all, these rogue nations have come together and, in Cuba’s and Iran’s cases, come in from the diplomatic cold thanks to Obama.

Similarly, the Obama-Hillary Clinton “reset” with Russia has left that nation far more aggressive than in 2008. China, too, is pushing hard in the Pacific, despite Obama’s much-announced “pivot to Asia.” In his UN speech eight years ago, Obama promised action on perennial UN priorities — including, of course, making peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

That unfulfilled goal proved to be a sideshow as the wider Mideast underwent tremendous changes through the Arab Spring — a brief surge of democracy, followed by chaos.

And as the Mideast (Israel excepted) became even more of a mess, America became a spectator.

Take the refugee crisis. During the last decade, according to the United Nations, the number of people fleeing wars around the world jumped from 37 million to 66 million — most of them from the Mideast, and many flooding Europe.

European policymakers are at a loss for answers, and Syria’s neighbors — Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey — are struggling to handle the inflow.

But not to worry. Obama’s on the case. While at the UN assembly, he’ll host world leaders in a conference on migration. They’ve already reached an understanding to talk about it further and may even, in two years or so, reach a global treaty (which will surely be too weak to make a dent in the growing problem).
As the Muslim culture craters in much of the Middle East, Obama's response has been to import that failure into the US anther parts of the West.  His mishandling of events in the Middle East fro Iraq to Libya and points in between has been a disaster for the region and for the US interests.  He is a failure at home and abroad.


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