Are jihadists just like regular mass murderers?

Washington Post:
‘They’re the same people’: Finding similarities between those inspired by ISIS and ‘regular’ mass killers

For years, experts have said “lone wolves” have no discernible profile that could be used to identify and head off terrorist threats. But some who study attackers motivated by jihadist ideology say they often exhibit some of the same traits as non-Muslim killers. Could a focus on these traits help stop attacks?
I think it is probably easier to find the jihadi mass murderers.  We know they are likely to hang out at the mosques and they have an affinity for the teachings of the preachers of hate.  They also tend to like snuff videos of killings that the group uses to desensitize the killers.

One of the main reasons the US has failed to find them during the Obama administration is that it has bought into the phony disease of Islamaphobia.  Because of that, it tends to interview the future terrorists and then let them go because they have not engaged in an overt act yet.  The new phrase for these guys is "known wolves."

The first thing that should be done is to not take advice from anyone pushing the phony disease.  Anyone who uses the term Islamaphobia is not serious about stopping the Islamic mass murderers.


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