Islamic terrorist disrupt Obama and Clinton's plans

Michael Goodwin:
Poor President Obama. He had a perfect plan — to use his final UN speech Tuesday to secure his reputation for putting Globalism First. He would preen to the assembled autocrats and bureaucrats about forcing America to take in a record number of refugees, and blast Donald Trump for putting America First.

Hillary Clinton also had a perfect plan. She would keep attacking Trump and his supporters as dangerous and deplorable in hopes that she could scare her way into the White House. With Obama playing the race card to help her with black voters, Clinton would wrap her arms ever more tightly around the president and his policies between now and November.

But terrorist bombings and stabbings are great disrupters, especially when they involve both New York and the heartland in a single weekend. The disruption becomes unbearable when the attacks allegedly are carried out by foreign-born Muslims who were welcomed here with open arms, then turned on their generous American hosts.

Events have a voice and a vote, and the terrorism in Minnesota, New Jersey and New York is scrambling the presidential campaign. It also revealed Mayor Putz to be a horse’s ass as he twisted himself into a pretzel to deny calling the Manhattan bomb a bomb and terrorism. New Yorkers know that when a bomb goes off on a public street and another one is disarmed nearby, it’s terrorism, stupid.

While the scramble for political safe spaces is still under way, the advantage so far clearly belongs to Trump. His gut instinct to call the Saturday bombings what they were, combined with his demand that refugees and immigrants from countries with a history of terrorism be given tougher scrutiny, fit the nation’s mood and the facts.
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The terror attacks have been a disaster for the Democrats.  They are why Hillary Clinton is making the ridiculous claim that Trump's speaking the truth is "treason."  This is looking like something of a repeat of the Benghazi fiasco and Democrats seem to be hoping that going on the attack against political opponents is better than actually attacking the enemy.


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