The 'lone wolf' excuse

The Philosopher's Stone of Barack Obama's counterterrorism program is the "lone wolf." By rubbing "lone wolf" on any terrorism incident you are able to explain away the deceit, duplicity, incompetence and fear of offending sensibilities that seem to be the controlling principles of our defense against attack. This the Fort Hood shooting, the Garland shooting, the Chattanooga shooting, the San Bernardino shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Orlando shooting stopped being intelligence and law enforcement failures on an epic scale and became "meh, sh** happens."

The first phase of this tactic was the performance by the head of the FBI's counterterrorism office in New York when he not-so-cleverly whitewashed the level of the FBI's contact with the Chelsea bomber, Ahamd Khan Rahami. In the news conference, the FBI assistant director William Sweeney says Rahani was known to the FBI based on a domestic violence offense. What he neglected to say was that Rahani's father had reported him to the FBI as a terrorist.
There is more.

There seems to be a conscience avoidance of taking the totality of his  conduct and putting in a cohesive context.  It seems similar to the inability to tie threads of information that led to the intelligence failure on 9-11.  As noted by Louie Gohmert, part of the problem is the FBI and others tasked with stopping terrorism have been schooled by this administration to be worried more about the phony disease of 'Islamaphobia' than taking a hard nose look at "known wolves."

Here is the NY Times description of the "investigation" of his trips to terror states:

How Suspect Passed Through the Law Enforcement Net

Ahmad Khan Rahami, who is charged in a two-state bombing spree, was flagged for extra screening when he returned from traveling abroad, but there were no further consequences.
After all, being labeled an "Islamaphobe" is a career killer in this administration.


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