Harry Reid's nonsensical argument for his gun control legislation

Washington Examiner:
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Monday a gun control bill authored by Democrats would prevent another terrorist attacks like the ones carried out in New Jersey and New York this weekend.

"We can argue from now on about whether this bill would have prevented this weekend's attacks," Reid, D-Nev., said. "But one thing is for sure, it would prevent the next attack."

Democrats have authored a bill that would ban people on a federal terror watch list from purchasing guns or explosives.

House and Senate Republicans have authored their own legislation, which would put in place a three-day waiting period for those on the terror-watch list who try to purchase guns or explosives. Democrats blocked the GOP bill in the Senate, and the House GOP majority has refused to take up the bill authored by Democrats.
The purchase of explosives is already controlled.  What the terrorist are doing is finding ways to concoct  explosive material out of everyday items.  Reid's legislation would be of no value in stopping that.   His legislation would not stop the knife intifada of Islamic terrorists.  It si just another unserious effort aimed at punishing the innocent for the acts of terrorist that many Democrats do not want to call terrorists.


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