The candidates on mute

NY Times:

I Muted Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton During the Debate. I Still Knew the Score.

The idea was simple: to test the theory that what presidential candidates say during debates is less important than what they look like while they’re saying it.
I have done that a lot this year mainly because both candidates suck.  When you watch Hillary on mute while giving a speech she tends to mimic Hitler's hand gestures and an angry scowl.  In a debate, she tries to be more charming when she lies.

I turned the debate on briefly and there she was lying about the cause of the Great Recession.  She was making the nonsensical claim that it was caused by tax cuts.  That is absurd on its face.  In fact. it was caused by her husband's housing policies and compounded by his banking policies that forced the bank to make bad loans to people who  would not otherwise qualify for a loan in the real world.  When those people started defaulting it had a cascading effect dragging down the market prices of homes and pulling with it people with better credit too.  It was a policy that nearly collapsed the banking system.

Trump did not even challenge her on this nonsense.  When Trump lies it tends to be the exaggerated claims of a salesman.  His lies are not nearly as evil as Clinton's who usually lies to cover up past screw ups by herself or her husband.  Her lies about her email involve national security and they should disqualify her if she were anyone other than the Democrat nominee.


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