Pennsylvania race tightens as some Democrats choose Trump

Washington Times:
Retired electrician Dave Estadt, a registered Democrat who lives in the suburbs of this solidly Democratic city, said he grew more certain in recent days about voting for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump — but he is not there yet.

Voters such as Mr. Estadt are helping Mr. Trump significantly cut into Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s poll lead in the crucial Keystone State.

He also is the type of voter with whom Mr. Trump will be trying to close the deal in the first presidential debate Monday.

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“I don’t agree with everything he says, but I don’t agree with anything Hillary says,” said Mr. Estadt, 64. “She’ll be a continuation of Obama. I think he’s been an absolutely horrible president.”

Like many other voters this year, Mr. Estadt called it a choice for the “lesser of two evils.”

The race has tightened in Pennsylvania, and both candidates have poured resources into the state, which is the linchpin of Mr. Trump’s bid to build support among blue-collar voters to carve a path through the Rust Belt to the White House.
The polling is showing a rather dramatic move toward Trump in Pennsylvania and if the trend continues he could win it.  Such a move could be his best chance to get to the 270 electoral votes need to win.


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