A racist response to a non racial event in Charlotte

Denise McAllister:
Charlotte Had Racial Harmony. Then BLM and Nation of Islam Thugs Came

They’re not protestors -- they’re criminals who are damaging property and injuring people.
Those stirring racial tensions for a non-racial event have an agenda that is  at its heart racist.  Just look at the quote from the brother of the slain man:

Brother of Man Slain by Black Cop: 'All White People Are F***in' Devils'

So a man who refused to drop his weapon when ordered to do so by a black cop gets killed and somehow it is about race?  That is just nuts.

If Black Lives Matter is wondering why its message is not resonating today, that is certainly one reason.

Rush Limbaugh says that Obama and Clinton want these riots.  He makes a persuasive argument.


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