Democrats reason for not doing a DACA deal

Mollie Hemingway:

Democrats Don’t Actually Want A DACA Compromise

What if Democrats are using DACA recipients as human shields to get increased voter intensity, political donations, and turnout in upcoming elections? That is the impression I got after Durbin blew up the deal and started his race-baiting efforts.  I think it was bad faith negotiating by the Democrats from the start.  They put together a deal that they either knew or should have known would be rejected after the Presiden had given them the guidelines of a deal.

Apple is bringing billions back from overseas operations

Wall Street Journal:
Apple Plans to Pay $38 Billion in Repatriation Taxes

As of last September, Apple had $252.3 billion in cash or cash equivalents abroad

Apple Inc. said it would make a one-time tax payment of $38 billion to repatriate overseas cash holdings and also ramp up its spending in the U.S., as it seeks to emphasize its contributions to the U.S. economy after years of taking criticism for outsourcing manufacturing to China.

The tech giant said Wednesday it plans $30 billion in capital spending in the U.S. over five years that will create more than 20,000 new jobs. It didn’t specify how much of that spending was already planned....
... Another story that proves the Democrat narrative about the tax cuts was dead wrong.  Will the media try to bury this good news for the treasury and for job seekers?

The Washington Post puts the projected spending significantly higher.
Apple pledges to spend $350 billion and bring 20,000 jobs to the U.S. within next five years

The announcement co…

Media warns illegals in Northern California of large ICE raid

San Francisco Chronicle:
U.S. immigration officials have begun preparing for a major sweep in San Francisco and other Northern California cities in which federal officers would look to arrest more than 1,500 undocumented people while sending a message that immigration policy will be enforced in the sanctuary state, according to a source familiar with the operation.

Officials at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, declined to comment Tuesday on plans for the operation.

The campaign, centered in the Bay Area, could happen within weeks, and is expected to become the biggest enforcement action of its kind under President Trump, said the source, who requested anonymity because the plans have not been made public.

Trump has expressed frustration that sanctuary laws — which seek to protect immigrants and persuade them not to live in the shadows by restricting cooperation between local and federal authorities — get in the way of his goal of tightening immigration.

The operation…

It is not Trump's fault media is losing credibility

The mainstream press continues to blame President Trump for their credibility woes, without so much as a hat tip to the role their own outlets have played in feeding the trend of distrust by conducting a lot of bad journalism.

In a report on the public’s growing skepticism of the media under Trump, the Associated Press did not mention the pattern of inaccurate, sloppy, reckless, and flat-out false stories from mainstream outlets that has marked the Trump-era of journalism. “Trump has done his part to blur the lines between real and not,” the AP reported, completely ignoring how easy journalists have made it for the president to play this game by feeding him a constant stream of botched reports.

The outlook is bad for media credibility. Poll after poll finds public confidence in the press is at historic lows. The AP cites a Pew Research Center report that two-thirds of Americans believe “fabricated news” is causing a “great deal of confusion” about basic facts, and a poll con…

Ted Cruz questions tech companies on content censorship and points to a statute they could be violated by the censors

There is a not too subtle message in Sen. Cruz's opening and closing remarks.  Those who have seen their content censored by tech companies because it is conservative may have recourse in the courts.

Comparing Trump to Stalin is ridiculous

Washington Post:
Why Trump’s ‘enemy of the people’ bluster can’t be compared to Stalin’s savage rule

President Trump uses the phrase to attack the press. Stalin used the press to attack his enemies – and killed them by the millions. Sen. Flake's analogy seems to ignore most of the things about Stalin but a particular phrase and not look at the substance of his awfulness.  Trump is critical of those who criticize him.  One does not give up the right to do such things simply because they are President. 

It does raise the question of why are so many people in the media are such wimps when facing criticism.  What they should realize by now is that Trump is not one to stoically absorb the blows of critics in the media.  George Bush did that and it did not help him a bit. 

Trump's responses do appear to draw support from his base and thwart the leftist media's attempt to separate Trump from his supporters.

Hysteria on the left at graphic term used to describe places they think are too awful to deport people to

NY Times:
Trump’s Vulgarity: Hole? House? Does It Make a Difference?
If the argument over Mr. Trump’s use of an obscenity to describe third world countries seems to amount to a distinction without a difference, neither the White House nor its allies have acknowledged it. I think most of the hysteria on the left is for show.  Sen. Booker appeared as if he needed counseling after hearing the term allegedly used.  What they are trying to hide by the hysteria is the awfulness of their own immigration policy that appears to be the opposite of a colorblind merit-based policy.   I get the feeling the Democrats would prefer uneducated low functioning people they could trick into voting for Democrats rather than high functioning intelligent people who could contribute to society.

As I have pointed out there are high functioning people in some of these miserable places.  Mia Love and Whitney Mercilus are both talented people with origins from Haiti.  There have been many successful Nigerians who…

Importing terrorism?

Washington Times:
‘Chilling’ report finds 73 percent of U.S. terrorist convicts are foreign-born

Most people convicted of international terrorism in U.S. courts since 2001 were foreign-born, the Trump administration said in a report Tuesday that officials said boosts the president’s calls for tougher immigration restrictions and limits on travel.

The report also said deportation officers had more than 2,500 encounters last year with people on the FBI’s terrorist watch list — which works out to more than seven a day — and more than 1,700 foreigners have been kicked out of the U.S. on national security grounds since 2001.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen called the findings “truly chilling” and warned that it doesn’t capture the full extent of the threat of international terrorism.

“This report, unfortunately, is likely just the tip of the iceberg,” she said.
... Democrats appear delusional about the problem:
Top Democratic lawmakers labeled the study “bigotry,” and Muslim Ad…

US oil production headed to 11 million barrels a day

Surging shale production is poised to push U.S. oil output to more than 10 million barrels per day - toppling a record set in 1970 and crossing a threshold few could have imagined even a decade ago.

And this new record, expected within days, likely won’t last long. The U.S. government forecasts that the nation’s production will climb to 11 million barrels a day by late 2019, a level that would rival Russia, the world’s top producer.

The economic and political impacts of soaring U.S. output are breathtaking, cutting the nation’s oil imports by a fifth over a decade, providing high-paying jobs in rural communities and lowering consumer prices for domestic gasoline by 37 percent from a 2008 peak.

Fears of dire energy shortages that gripped the country in the 1970s have been replaced by a presidential policy of global “energy dominance.”

“It has had incredibly positive impacts for the U.S. economy, for the workforce and even our reduced carbon footprint” as shale natural gas has …

Media deeply disappointed that President Trump is in good health

Fox News:
For almost an hour on Tuesday, the White House press corps stooped to a new low of embarrassment and clownishly liberal behavior, lobbing over a dozen questions at Navy Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson to insinuate that President Trump must be mentally ill to the point of Alzheimer’s Disease. This was all despite Jackson’s insistence that he’s in great health.

Whether it was Bloomberg, CBS News Radio, CNN, or The Washington Post, the long knives were out as the liberal media engaged in their own Pickett’s Charge to save their narrative that Trump’s mentally ill and thus must be removed via Congress or the 25th Amendment.

NBC’s Hallie Jackson started the crazy train with the second question, asking Dr. Jackson to repeat the results about “the president’s mental fitness” and alluded to Trump’s tweet about him being “a stable genius.”

The long knives were out as the liberal media engaged in their own Pickett’s Charge to save their narrative that Trump’s mentally ill and thus must b…

Bad faith Democrats do not want an immigration deal

Washington Examiner Editorial:
Illegal immigrants brought to America as children through no fault of their own, the so-called "Dreamers," have never been closer than they are now to securing a lawful, permanent deal that would allow them to stay.

Democrats, however, are doing their darnedest to prevent it.

The reason won't be discussed on CNN or Univision. It is much easier to point to President Trump's crude comments on immigration than it is to handle the truth, which is that his opponents want an argument rather than action. In an election year, immigration is far more powerful for Democrats as a political issue than it is as an accomplishment in the rearview mirror. They know this just as they have always known it, and so they're digging in their heels and throwing obstacles in the way of a solution.

It's what they did to kill former President George W. Bush's immigration reform during the 2006 election cycle. The majority to pass it was there, but Se…

Houston firm Waste Management gives $2,000 bonuses to hourly employees after tax cuts

In the interview, the CEO responds to Rep. Pelosi's slur that the bonuses given since the tax cuts were "crumbs."  He claims the bonuses are a good investment because they will help with retention which will also save on training costs.

Ted Cruz warns UT about Chicom influence operation

Red States:
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) helped keep communist Chinese influence out of his state after he wrote a letter to the University of Texas advising them not to take any money from a Chinese foundation thought to use its funds to spread communism in the United States.

The money was meant to fund the new interdisciplinary China Policy Center, but was blocked by university President Gregory Fenves.

Cruz wrote the letter on January 2, warning UT that the China United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF) have caused concerns “over the potential for Chinese governmental access to UT-Austin’s education system, which may lead to undue foreign influence and exploitation.”

“Under the direction of Xi Jinping, the PRC and the CCP have initiated information operations throughout the entire world, most recently in Australia, Latin America, and the United States,” wrote Cruz. “The PRC aims to gradually establish influence in policy debates abroad by shaping Americans’ perception of China.”

According …

Where is the evidence to support net neutrality proponents fears of deregulation?

Washington Post:
More than 20 states sue FCC over its net neutrality decision

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who is leading the suit, said that the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality was “arbitrary and capricious” and violates federal law. In the weeks since the FCC voted to do away with net neutrality, I can't tell a bit a difference and doubt anyone else can either. 

What I have noticed since the election is the data gathers at Google and Facebook have been anything but neutral in dealing with conservative content.  They have been censoring it and using bogus fact checkers that seem to be done only to conservative sites.  How about some net neutrality in dealing with content?

The market can deal with the speed issue.  Competitors are already bragging about their speed so it is hard to see why they would think it is in their interest to slow some content down.  Dealing with liberal censorship is a much bigger problem for free speech.  If this is not fixed they can expec…

The media obsession with vulgar words is selective

NY Times:
Trump ‘Tough’ Talk Dominates Hearing on His Wall Plan
The secretary of homeland security was quizzed repeatedly about the vulgar word, or words, said to have been uttered by President Trump describing African countries. I don't know if Trump said a vulgar word when presented with a deeply flawed immigration plan by the "gang of six" and really don't think it should be important in a discussion of the issue if he did.  Dick Durbin has a credibility problem and no other witnesses have backed him up on what was said.  The real problem is their plan kept the worse features of the current system and did not meet the key objectives of the President and his supporters.

What is needed is a system that reflects Martin Luther King's objective that people be considered for immigration based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.  The caterwauling of the Democrats suggests they want a system based on skin color so that they can increase t…

States face minimal harm from offshore drilling

NY Times Op-ed:
Florida Isn’t the Only State That Will Be Hurt by Offshore DrillingBy XAVIER BECERRA No state faces more potential harm than California. But it apparently isn’t eligible for the free pass Florida got from drilling. California suffered no lasting harm from an oil spill decades ago.  I have been by the rigs that are still there and the coast looks fine.  I have sailed my boat around rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. 

There is already plenty of incentive for producers to avoid oil spills.  British Petroleum has spent $1.7 billion to clean up the damage from the failure of a blowout preventer to operate properly.  No sane business person wants to have to deal with that so they do everything possible to prevent it.

What is really happening is states like California don't want to do their fair share to help the US maintain energy security.  They have made a heavy investment in inefficient alternative energy that has left the state's consumers with the highest electric rates…

Trump's Middle East policy has ripped the facade from Palestinian leadership

Eli Lake:
There are two ways to understand the two-and-a-half hour rant Sunday from the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, in which he called for discarding past agreements with Israel.
The first way is straightforward: He means it. As Maya Angelou famously said, "when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." In the case of Abbas, he has been showing us who he is for a while now.

He defends Palestinian Authority payments for terrorists. He called murderers "heroic brothers" when they were released by Israel in 2013 as a condition for restarting peace talks. In December he urged the Organization of the Islamic Conference to reconsider its recognition of Israel.

So when Abbas gives a Castro-esque speech laced with fake history about Israel being a colonial project of Europeans, it fits a pattern.

The second way of understanding his rant requires some creative accounting. Abbas doesn't really mean it. Abbas has been a patient peace partner now …

Fusion GPS leader's testimony shows FBI was working with Steele on dossier before it was told about Papadopoulos meeting

Robert Romano:
One item from Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) publication of Fusion GPS CEO Glenn Simpson’s Aug. 2017 testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee that has not gotten too much attention is the part where the spy responsible for producing the Trump-Russia collusion dossier, Christopher Steele, tipped off the FBI in early July 2016.

According to Simpson, “I believe it was … [the] first week of July…” citing public sources.

Well, that was before George Papadopoulos reportedly entered the picture. According to the New York Times’ report published on Dec. 30, 2017, “when leaked Democratic emails began appearing online, Australian officials passed the information about Mr. Papadopoulos to their American counterparts, according to four current and former American and foreign officials with direct knowledge of the Australians’ role.”

The Democratic National Committee emails began appearing on Wikileaks on July 22, 2016.

Meaning, by the time the Australian diplomat had tipped off …

Trump foreign policy had been a success

Niles Gardiner:
When Donald Trump was elected America’s 45th president in November 2016 the world took a collective deep breath. This was a man derided by his critics as an isolationist, woefully out of his depth on foreign policy matters, and imbued with a supposedly dangerous and reckless nationalism. European leaders queued up to condemn the new leader of the free world in the court of international opinion. But a year into his presidency Trump’s actual record has been far more effective than his detractors predicted. “America First” has not resulted in a U.S. withdrawal from the world. Far from it.

The White House’s new National Security Strategy (NSS), unveiled by Trump himself in December, was loudly attacked by Vladimir Putin’s regime as an aggressive statement of intent on the world stage by the U.S. administration. The first NSS since 2015, it outlines the big-picture strategic thinking of the Trump presidency and, in marked contrast to the previous Obama-era document, places…

Trump administration appeals DACA ruling directly to the Supreme Court

Washington Times:
The Justice Department asked the Supreme Court Tuesday to overturn this month’s stunning ruling by a lower court that found the Obama-era DACA deportation amnesty legal — yet also ruled the Trump administration’s effort to phase out the program was illegal.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the ruling “defies both law and common sense,” and said they’re asking the justices to hear the case directly, skipping over the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which would be the normal path.

The request comes as Congress is trying to figure out a permanent solution for the 690,000 illegal immigrant “Dreamers” currently protected by DACA.

Judge William Alsup threw a curveball at Capitol Hill last week when he issued a series of ruling. He said then-candidate Donald Trump showed “racial animus” toward Mexicans during the 2016 campaign, and he said since most DACA recipients are Mexican, that tainted the Homeland Security Department’s decision last year to phase out the deport…

Liberal 'net neutrality' allows them to discriminate against conservative content

Washington Post:
Democrats say 50 senators have endorsed legislation to overrule the FCC on net neutrality

The tally leaves supporters just one Republican vote shy of the 51 needed to pass a Senate resolution that would overturn the FCC’s decision to remove rules that banned Internet service providers from blocking or slowing down websites. It would also prohibit the agency from passing similar measures in the future. Net neutrality as propopsed by Democrtats is a fraud.  It is anti-free market and has little to do with actual neutrality.   If they can force service providers to handle all traffice the same, why don't they also force Google, Twitter and Facebook to stop discriminating against conservative speech?  Until they are willing to do that, the term they are using is grossley misleading.

Baltimore is the new Detroit where liberalism leads to more crime and killing

NY Times:
For One Baltimore School, 7 Killings in Just 15 Months
The city is trying everything it can think of to reverse a soaring homicide rate. With its shrinking student body, Excel Academy is a grim reflection of the difficulties facing Baltimore. Before the Baltimore riots it was much harder for the dope dealers and the killers.  Cops could stop them and question them and if necessary frisk them.  But after the riots the liberals in charge of governbment in Baltimore made really bad decisions that made it easier to deal drugs and kill people with impunity.  Cops were no longer allowed to do theri job and criminals took over the streets and it appears some schools.

Will the liberals ever admit that policing was not racist if it saved black lives?  Will Black Lives Matter ever admit that their policies meant more black lives were lost by black on black crime?

I am sure community policing can be inconvenient in crime ridden neighborhoods, but not as inconvenient as death.

It is not a question so much of recoverable oil, but the cost of recovering it

Fuel Fix:
Do oil companies really want to drill in ANWR? I suspect it cost more to drill in Alaska than it does in teh Permian Basin and it also cost more to get the oil production to market.  They ther eis the cost of litigation with the keep it in the ground left that has to be factored in too.  If the price is right they will probably drill.

To liberals criticism of liberals is racists

The New York Times List Of Donald Trump’s “Racist” Quotes Is Garbage He does a good job of rebutting the Times opinion on what ios racism.  Democrats have so abused the term that it is losing its potency.  They need to back off and focus on real racisim instead of trying to make criticism racism.

The Oprah Winfrey mistake

Melanie Phillips:
Ever since her speech at the Golden Globes, Winfrey has been excitedly talked up as a Democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential election. The thinking is that Donald J Trump’s astonishing trajectory has shown the old politics is dead. Now an equivalent global celebrity is needed to defeat him. Winfrey is widely loved, has instant name recognition and makes people feel good about themselves. What’s not to like?

Well, plenty. First, such thinking shows the shallowness of the fundamental objection to Trump: that America’s highest office of state has been degraded by electing a political neophyte with no experience of governing.

Choosing a rival candidate from the same mould would mean that those who want the old political order to be urgently restored have instead decided to abandon it altogether.

Second, it mistakes the reason Trump was elected. Whatever you may think of the flaws in his personality and temperament, his voters were motivated by the concerns he…

Liberalism is failing the people of London

London's crime is out of control – and it's strategy, not police cuts, that are to blame

For the first time in the 18 years I have lived in London, I feel scared to walk home. My borough, Islington, is now the second worst affected by moped crime in the city. A few months ago, I was almost flattened by such criminals. I have seen it done to others; how these hooligans will mount the pavement, running the risk of killing someone, so they can make a quick sell. A few of them carry acid. If I hear a moped on the roads now, I assume I am about to be robbed, and move to the furthest side of the street.

The city is descending into chaos, and everyone can sense it. Businesses in my area have been targeted heavily, almost always by moronic teenage boys on scooters, sometimes wielding hammers. “We might close soon,” the owner of the local supermarket tells me. He is scared and demoralised, having been repeatedly terrorised by neighbourhood louts.

First, a moped thief stormed …

In Venezuela criticizing the government is now a 'hate crime'

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has called for an investigation into Roman Catholic priests he says have made comments critical of the government.

Maduro said in an address Monday that church officials may have committed hate crimes, an accusation he frequently levels at government critics.

He called on the pro-government chief prosecutor and Supreme Court to investigate.

Venezuela sits atop the world's largest oil reserves but is enduring an economic after nearly two decades of socialist rule.
... It is not surprising that starving the population in the name of socialism would lead to criticism of those responsible.  I can see why they would hate someone so determined to push a failed socialistic agenda.  One has to be incorrigible ignorant to persist with something that is so obviously failing.

Silicon Valley is hostile toward its customers in the rest of America?

Daily Caller:
One Silicon Valley executive had a few choice words to describe Americans living in the heart of the nation, and they were not flattering.

Melinda Byerley, MBA and founder of Timeshare CMO, a Silicon Valley-based tech start-up, tweeted out Saturday afternoon describing what middle America could do to “get more jobs in their area.”
Byerley says that the first thing those in middle America need to realize is that “no educated person wants to live in a shithole with stupid people.” Particularly, in a “shithole” filled with people who are “violent, racist, and/or misogynistic.” In Byerley’s opinion, “big corporations,” do not consider moving to the heart of America because “those towns have nothing going for them.”

The towns have “no infrastructure, just a few bars and a terrible school system.”

The MBA claims that “we,” the educated people, like herself, “would like to live a more rural lifestyle,” but they “won’t sacrifice tolerance or diversity to do so.” Especially, thes…

Amazon expanding shipping operations in North Texas adding 2,500 new jobs

Amazon announced it needs to hire an additional 2,500 full-time employees at the company’s new fulfillment center in North Texas. The jobs are expected to be available immediately after interviews which begin on Monday.
Amazon’s is expanding its presence in Texas. The new facility in Coppell (located just north of the DFW International Airport) is the third for the rapidly growing North Texas city and the fourth in the DFW Metroplex. The non-Coppell location is in Fort Worth, NBCDFW reported.

Company officials stated they will be making “on-the-spot job offers” for a wide variety of jobs and work hours. Interviews begin Monday at 9 a.m. and will run through 3 p.m. This process will be repeated on February 18, the local news outlet reported.

The jobs are expected to cover a variety of responsibilities and will be for different shifts. Successful candidates can expect to receive $12 to $13 per hour in compensation, health insurance, and other company benefits.
... This is ano…

FBI and DOJ say they are not liable for helping ISIS attackers' terrorist attack in Texas

Washington Free Beacon:
The FBI and the Department of Justice are arguing for a liability case against them to be dismissed, while at the same time admitting to key details surrounding the bureau's involvement in the 2015 terrorist attack on the "Draw Muhammad" event in Garland, Texas.

In that attack, the first in the United States for which ISIS claimed responsibility, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, drove to the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland in a car loaded with six guns and over a thousand rounds of ammunition.

The two men opened fire when they were stopped at a perimeter checkpoint. A security guard, Bruce Joiner, was shot in the leg and the two attackers were killed just yards away from where the shooting began.

Joiner filed suit last October, claiming the FBI was partially responsible for his injuries. His suit argues the bureau "solicited, encouraged, directed and aided members of ISIS in planning and carrying out the May 3 attack," and is asking for j…

Are the Iranians protesting in the street Islamophobic?

Robert Spencer:
“We should have an Iranian republic, not an Islamic republic,” said one Iranian protester. “Islam cannot address our needs.”

The protesters chanted: “We don’t want an Islamic republic! … Clerics, shame on you, let go of our country!” Some even chanted: “Reza Shah, bless your soul!”, referring to the former Shah of Iran who had set the nation on a secularizing, pro-Western course.

All of this raises the question: in the U.S., we are constantly told that opposition to Sharia constitutes bigotry and “Islamophobia.” So how did Iran come to be filled with bigoted “Islamophobes”?

The answer is simple. What turned many Iranians against Sharia was having to live under it since 1979.

Julie Lenarz of Britain’s Human Security Center observed in December 2015: “It is astonishing that the West cultivates an ever-closer alliance with a theocratic regime widely known for its abysmal human rights record and aggressive behavior in the region. They hang men for the ‘crime’ of writing poems;…

Watch the liberals and the media get it spectacularly wrong on the effects of the tax cuts

Seldom have people been found to be so spectacularly wrong so quickly when making political predictions.  Republicans would be wise to make a video like this for a campaign ad and start running it right now.

On the trail of the Isis caliph

A more comprehensive psychological profile of Baghdadi and his movement patterns had been drafted by US and British spies by mid-2015. Two years later, his area of travel had shrunk, as had the Isis “caliphate”.

Intelligence agencies in Iraq and Europe believe that for most of the past 18 months, Baghdadi has been based in a village south of Baaj, and has travelled in a small range between Abu Kamal, on the Iraq-Syria border, and Shirkat, south of Mosul.

Three intelligence agencies have confirmed that Baghdadi was seriously wounded in an airstrike near Shirkat in early 2015. Separate sources have confirmed to the Guardian that he spent several months recovering in Baaj. Even now, his movements remain limited by his injuries.

According to witnesses who saw him in Abu Kamal after the end of the Muslim festival of Ramadan, he was looking tired and drawn, a shadow of the confident, black-robed figure who ascended a pulpit in Mosul’s Great Mosque of al-Nuri in mid-2014 to p…

Israel destroys Hamas attack tunnels going into Egypt and Israel

Israeli said on Sunday it had destroyed a cross-border attack tunnel that ran from Gaza into Israel and Egypt dug by Hamas, the Islamist group that controls the Palestinian enclave, and that it would destroy all attack tunnels by the year's end.

Residents in Gaza said Israeli jets bombed an area east of the southern town of Rafah, by the Egyptian and Israeli borders, late on Saturday night. Israel confirmed the attack immediately after, but gave no details until Sunday.

There was no immediate comment from Hamas or Egypt, or any reports of casualties.

Israel says it has developed new means which it has declined to disclose, to find tunnels. Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman lauded the breakthrough in an interview on commercial television news, saying they would all be destroyed by the end of the year.

"By the end of 2018, we will eliminate all the Hamas attack tunnels ... we may even manage to do this sooner, but the task is to destroy them all by the end of the year…

Iran blames protester deaths on 'suicides'?

NY Times:
Angry Iranians Scoff at Official Claims of Protester ‘Suicides’
With members of Iran’s mainstream society willing to dispute official explanations for the deaths of three protesters, it could be that the fallout from the unrest is just beginning. Are the Iranians claiming that challenging the regime is suicidal or that it is such an oppressive country that people kill themselves rather than live under the rule of genocidal Islamic religious bigots?   It could be both, but no one should claim that the deaths were natural.

Durbin the DACA killer

Washington Times:
President Trump on Monday slammed Senate Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin for sabotaging the DACA deal and causing a possible government shutdown this week.

“Senator Dicky Durbin totally misrepresented what was said at the DACA meeting. Deals can’t get made when there is no trust! Durbin blew DACA and is hurting our Military,” the president wrote on Twitter.
... Durbin also said that using the term "chain migration" was offensive to blacks, but here is his using it on the Senate floor.

John Steele Gordon says the blame lies with Durbin and teh Democrats for killing the deal.
So where does the blame fall in this tempest in a teapot? President Trump, if he used the word, should have known that Senator Durbin might exploit it politically by violating the president’s privacy, as he has done often before. Durbin could rely on the Democrats-with-bylines in the media to carry the ball from there. Unfortunately, no one can accuse President Trump of ever choosing…

Iran's leaders have lost credibility about what happened to protesters

NY Times:
In Iran, Government Reports of Protester ‘Suicides’ Stir Anger
With members of Iran’s mainstream society willing to dispute official explanations for the deaths of three protesters, it could be that the fallout from the unrest is just beginning. What should be clear is that it is not going away anytime soon.  Is there a good reason to believe what a regime that buys a device for chopping off fingers says about those who die in its custody?   It is a regime that views cruel and unusual punishment as necessary to remaining in power.

Media hysteria has become an everyday tactic in the US

Melanie Phillips:
Michael Wolff’s now famous book quotes people who suggest that President Donald Trump is, among other things, nuts. His accusers, of course, exhibit only the most consistent rationality, sense of proportion and solid connection to reality. Er, right.

Consider. Trump allegedly called Haiti and El Salvador, along with other African nations, “sh*tholes” and asked why so many of their citizens had ever been permitted to enter America.

Cue uproar in which Trump’s remarks were denounced as racist by the UN, the African Union and of course the massed ranks of the western liberal intelligentsia who went into narcissistic meltdown (the more evil they paint Trump as being, the more virtuous they think they appear to be).

Leave aside the dispute over whether he actually used those words. Let’s assume he did. Were they unbecoming to a President of the United States? Yes of course they were. Were they racist? No of course they weren’t. Calling a place a sh*thole is not to disparage …

Economists say Trump deserves credit for improved economy

The Hill:
Who deserves credit for the booming economy? This is not a petty argument. How voters answer the question could well determine whether Democrats retake the House of Representatives come November.

Trump and Obama (and their admirers) are slugging it out, both claiming that it is their policies that have led to the ongoing economic expansion, steady job growth and higher stock prices.

Happily for President Trump, the pros agree with him. A recent survey of economists suggest it is President Trump, and not Obama, who should be taking a bow.

The Wall Street Journal asked 68 business, financial and academic economists who was responsible for the strengthening of the economy, and most “suggested Mr. Trump’s election deserves at least some credit” for the upturn.

A majority said the president had been “somewhat” or “strongly” positive for job creation, gross domestic product growth and the rising stock market.

The pros cite the White House’s push for lighter regulation and the recent t…

Media having trouble figuring out why people do not trust them

Power Line:
The Associated Press headlines: “Trust and truth under Trump: Americans are in a quandary.” Well, the AP is, anyway: [A] year into Donald Trump’s fact-bending, media-bashing presidency, Americans are increasingly confused about who can be trusted to tell them reliably what their government and their commander in chief are doing. Many would say that we are a year into the liberal press’s fact-bending, Trump-bashing orgy. But that doesn’t seem to occur to the AP. This is one of those articles where the AP quotes six or eight seemingly random people from across the country. You always wonder how they come up with “truck driver Chris Gromek,” “Democrat Kathy Tibbits of Tahlequah, Oklahoma,” “Victoria Steel, 50, of Cheyenne, Wyoming,” and so on. This article’s cast of characters seems reasonably well-balanced, but the AP’s commentary isn’t. This is how the AP sees the “warping of facts.” Though Trump’s habit of warping facts has had an impact, it’s not just him. Is it also the AP’s,…

Iran defends finger chopping judge

Red States:
Friday, The United States Treasury Department released 14 new names of Iranian individuals and entities to be sanctioned.

The most controversial among those 14 is the head of the barbaric Iranian judiciary, Sadeq Amoli Larijani. He’s been singled out over leading a justice system that oversees “the execution of individuals who were juveniles at the time of their crime; and the torture or cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment or punishment of prisoners of Iran, including amputations”, according to US officials.

Not an exaggeration in the slightest, 4 years ago the Iranian government purchased machines to cut the fingers off of thieves and they used it in October in Mashhad where the Iranian protests started on December 28th, 2017. This is the complete opposite direction that Larijani promised to go in when he took his position in 2009, a position the West hoped to be reasonedwith. But no dice — this is who they are. This is what the regime is about and Larijani has been …

Former Air Force Col. Martha McSally favored in Arizona Senate race

US News:
A Republican Senate primary in Arizona featuring three major contenders is shaping up to be the preeminent test of Trumpism in the 2018 midterm election cycle.

This week's entries of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Rep. Martha McSally into the race to replace retiring GOP Sen. Jeff Flake has scrambled the prospects of Kelli Ward, the former state senator and physician who already has been running for 15 months.

Ward, who'd been leading in polling in a matchup against Flake, suddenly finds herself squeezed between Arpaio – an immigration hard-liner with a devoted national following and a relationship with President Donald Trump – and McSally, the retired Air Force colonel and Harvard-educated choice of mainstream and elite Republicans.

Ward's pathway to victory was predicated on her ability to consolidate conservatives. Having to now compete for those voters with Arpaio, it's McSally who looks to benefit from the breach on the right. An OH Predictiv…

Palestinian leader losses it after being confronted on his intransigence

To recap. Abbas wants the White House destroyed, he says he will respond to Nikki Haley with the “heel of a shoe,” he’s told the single biggest source of funding for the Palestinian Authority (that would be the United States) to FOAD, he told the Arab world to piss off, he rewrote the history of the region, proclaimed the Oslo accords dead, and announced he would continue paying pensions to the families of terrorists.

This is the act of a desperate and pathetic little man. He’s used intransigence and violence as his primary negotiating tools and now he’s finding his people are increasingly unwilling to die so Abbas and his cronies can sock away billions of UN dollars in Swiss bank accounts. The Arab world has bigger fish to fry, namely Iranian expansionism, and doesn’t have time for his shenanigans where their own survival is at risk.
... He seems frustrated by his impotence and is resorting to self-defeating rage.  He is making absurd claims about the history of the area…

Trump says Democrats blocking deal on DACA

Washington Times:
President Trump said Sunday he was ready to strike a deal on DACA but Democrats won’t do it, again raising the stakes in a budget standoff over immigration that threatens a government shutdown this week.

“We are ready willing and able to make a deal on DACA, but I don’t think the Democrats want to make a deal,” Mr. Trump said. “The folks from DACA should know the Democrats are the ones that aren’t going to make a deal.”

The president upped the pressure on Democrats in repose to questions from reporters as he entered Trump International Golf Club, accompanied by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who was his dinner guest.

“Honestly, I don’t think the Democrats want to make a deal. I think they talk about DACA but they don’t want to help the DACA people,” said Mr. Trump.

The president and congressional negotiators are looking for a permanent fix to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, that granted temporary deportation amnesty to “Dreamers,” the …

Flake's analogy of press criticism by Trump to Stalin does not add up

The Hill:
Flake to evoke Stalin in Senate speech slamming Trump’s attacks on media: report I am pretty sure that Stalin never said that his media was "an enemy of the state" because he controlled them as an instrument of the state.  Trump obviously does not control the media and has made no attempt to shut them down.  All he has done is criticize them.  What Flake and those who oppose Trump would like him to do is accept the judgment of people who don't like him or his policies.   That would lead to a one-sided debate that favored those who hate Trump.

If Trump has to live with the criticism, I see nothing wrong with his critics learning to live with it.  Flake's analogy is a poor one.

He did not suck as much as the Mullahs do?

Why are Iranian protesters calling for the return of the Shah? It is clearly a sign they do not like rule by genocidal Islamic religious bigots.  The anti-Israel obsession of the mullahs has led them to waste precious resources on Hezballah and Hamas while the people go hungry.

California creates dependency incentives rather than work incentives

Kerry Jackson:
Guess which state has the highest poverty rate in the country? Not Mississippi, New Mexico, or West Virginia, but California, where nearly one out of five residents is poor. That’s according to the Census Bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure, which factors in the cost of housing, food, utilities and clothing, and which includes noncash government assistance as a form of income.

Given robust job growth and the prosperity generated by several industries, it’s worth asking why California has fallen behind, especially when the state’s per-capita GDP increased approximately twice as much as the U.S. average over the five years ending in 2016 (12.5%, compared with 6.27%).

It’s not as though California policymakers have neglected to wage war on poverty. Sacramento and local governments have spent massive amounts in the cause. Several state and municipal benefit programs overlap with one another; in some cases, individuals with incomes 200% above the poverty line receive benef…

Venezuela: Come on down and see all the starving people

Washington Post:
Venezuela’s economy is collapsing and violence is rampant. Its solution: Woo tourists.

The country’s embattled socialist government is looking to a future built not only on roughnecks and drilling, but also beach umbrellas and piña coladas. But turning Venezuela into a tourist paradise may be as improbable as a new Disney theme park in a war zone. Do they want them to come down because they know the locals do not have any money worth stealing?

The Muslim culture of controlling libido by mutilating women and making them wear non revealing clothing

NY Times:
She Ran From the Cut, and Helped Thousands of Other Girls Escape, Too Nice Leng’ete started a program in Kenya to create new rites of passage to replace female genital cutting, and has saved 50,000 girls from the agonizing and controversial procedure. It is an absurd procedure that assumes women are incapable of otherwise controlling their libido.  Interestingly they also don't think men can control theirs either but they don't cut anything off of men.  Instead, they tend to make women cover their bodies and hair sometimes wearing a sack over their head so men will not be tempted to rape the woman or see them as "asking for it."

In the West, both men and women are expected to control their libido themselves regardless of their attire.  I don't think I have heard of rampant rape in nudist resorts in the West.

One of the reasons for the increased number of rapes in Europe following the Muslim migration is that the men come from a culture where they are not…

Canada finds uncontrolled immigration a problem

NY Times:
Migrants Fleeing to Canada Learn Even a Liberal Nation Has Limits As the Trump administration clamps down on immigration, asylum seekers are discovering that Canada is not quite the “Promised Land” some had hoped for. Any nation with common sense has its limits.  One of the problems is that immigrants can become expensive nuisances in a welfare state.  When the US was accepting huge numbers of immigrants the government did not provide the kinds of benefits it now gives to its citizens.  Unskilled workers found the work they could or set out to the frontier to live off the land.  They did not live off of welfare and free healthcare.  That is another reason why many are pushing for a merit-based system to get immigrants who become immediate contributors to the communities as a whole rather than takers.