Clinton responds to Trump trade mess with a lie about the cause of Great Recession

I think Trump is wrong on his trade policy and his belief in tariffs as a mean of stopping companies from producing goods in other countries.  When it comes to the economics of trade he is just not that well informed.

But Clinton's response was even worse.  She blamed the recession on Bush tax policies which had nothing to do with it.  The recession was caused by Democrat housing policies and banking regulations which forced banks to make bad loans to people who were not able to pay.   As those people defaulted it had a cascading effect on the housing market in several states and put great stress on the banking system that had been forced to make the bad loans.

The Bush tax policy actually created many more jobs than have been created under Obama.

The Democrats tried to cover up their terrible housing policy by blaming it on the banks and coming up with the onerous Dodd-Frank regulations that hurt small banks and small business.

But you can tell her first instinct is to appeal to liberal greed and confiscatory taxes.


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