The Clinton cover up at State Department on production of emails

Washington Examiner:
FBI found political 'pressure' surrounding treatment of Benghazi emails

But at least one witness described to the FBI the particular "pressure" placed on those officials to avoid classifying anything in the documents, even though some of the information was actually classified.

Patrick Kennedy, State's undersecretary for management, at one point "pointedly asked" the FBI "to change [its] classification determination" in a Benghazi-related email that contained intelligence, the FBI said.
The witness said he and other career officers, who were typically involved in the FOIA process and in responding to congressional inquiries, were "cut out of the loop" when Clinton's emails needed processing. Instead, new staffers were "placed" by "top State officials" to take over the job of screening Clinton's emails; the witness said the officials — whose identities were redacted — had "a very narrow focus on all Clinton-related items and were put in positions that were not advertised."

FOIA reviews are supposed to be performed by career officials to prevent politics from affecting the government's response, particularly in a case as politically fraught as the Clinton email situation.
This sounds like a Clinton cover-up scheme.  You get the feeling that Hillary Clinton had something to hide and that there were some people within the department willing to help her do that.


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