Clinton's nonsensical claim about tax cuts

Washington Post:
Clinton claims that Bush tax cuts played ‘a large part’ in sparking 2008 recession

Hillary Clinton put the Bush tax cuts at the top of the list of reasons for the 2008 crash, but that's wrong.
I was beginning to wonder if the fact check mafia would ever challenge her on this gross lie.  Besides being nonsensical, it was also part of the Democrat cover up for their role in causing the crisis.  Bill Clinton's administration housing policy started it by easing credit requirements for getting a mortgage.

Unqualified borrowers were approved for loans they could not pay and banks were forced to make the loans or lose their charter.  Then when the system collapsed they, of course, blamed teh banks and came up with the Dodd-Frank law as a means of pushing the bogus story about the cause of the problem.

It is another example of why she should not be trusted with the US economy.  She is just not that smart and she tends to lie a lot.


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