There are many voters disappointed with the choices both parties picked as candidates for President

Toby Harnden:
In a drab office building in the suburbs of northern Virginia 30 undecided voters — carefully selected to represent a cross-section of the US electorate — filed into a neon-lit conference room to help pollsters try to make sense of an extraordinary presidential race.

Three hours later, as the focus group session ended, the veteran pollster Frank Luntz delivered a grim conclusion.

These floating voters in a crucial swing state loathed Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in almost equal measure. One of the candidates must win the election but both are turning off voters.

The contest, it seems, has degenerated into what could be termed the election of the deplorables - the candidates, not the voters.

“This should really depress you,” said Luntz, normally an irrepressible political enthusiast, after The Sunday Times was permitted to observe the session through a one-way mirror linking the conference room to a small viewing gallery.

“I just want it to be over,” he added. “This is the candidate you distrust [Clinton] versus the candidate you dislike [Trump].”

The startling unpopularity of the two people vying to become the next US president has turned the election into the most upsetting contest that Americans have experienced in the modern era. One middle-aged woman in the group said she had considered moving to Canada.
I feel their pain.  As bad as that is are all the supporters of these candidates angry at the rest of us for not embracing the jerk they are supporting.  The sales jobs are almost all negative talking about what a disaster the other parties nominee will be while picking out one or two hopeful signs about the one they are supporting.  How many successful salesmen follow that technique?  I find myself sometimes angry at the supporters of these two who pushed their awful choices on the rest of us.


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