Clinton's Iran stumble

Eli Lake:
"The other day, I saw Donald saying there were some Iranian sailors on a ship and they were taunting American sailors. 'If they taunted our sailors, I would blow them out of the water' and start another war?," she asked.
These incidents have so alarmed General Joseph Votel, the commander of U.S. Central Command, that he told reporters this month that he worried about a miscalculation. "If they continue to test us, we are going to respond, and we are going to protect ourselves and our partners."

Clinton presumably wasn't trying to diminish General Votel and the risk he is seeing. A big part of Clinton's pitch to voters on national security is that she understands the world and how it works, whereas Trump is a dangerous amateur who doesn't grasp the basics about everything from the U.S. nuclear posture to our systems of alliances. It would behoove her to take Iran's aggression seriously, and to tell Trump that those are not mere "taunts."
Clinton's problem is that she would rather get tough with Trump than with an enemy like Iran.  Make no mistake, Iran is an enemy of the US.  When the say "Death to America" they mean it.  That is why they are working on making ICBM's that they can load the nuclear weapons on at the end of the horrible deal Obama did with them that Clinton supports.


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