Political correctness and the Cascade Mall shooting

The reason this shooting is not getting wall-to-wall coverage is damned simple to explain. The shooter is a Muslim immigrant. The weapon was obtained illegally and aesthetically unobjectionable. The lack of a clear motive hints that the motive was very clear. This caps off a week in which virtually every one of Donald Trump's critiques of society was proven correct.

If it doesn't fit the narrative it doesn't matter.
Liberals in Washington State have their own narrative and they are sticking to it regardless of the facts.

As he points out elsewhere:
One expects political candidates to make the most of current events to press their case to the electorate. As such, the series of bombs Ahmad Khan Rahami tried to set off last weekend were fodder for the campaign trail. What is bizarre is when the editorial board of a major newspaper tells you that a few dozen Americans getting killed by terrorists is no big deal because otherwise they might listen to a candidate opposed by that editorial board.
What is becoming clear is that this administration and liberals who support it are willing to except a certain number of casualties to avoid doing something effective to stop them. If it were a conservative Republican administration I think their position would b just the opposite.


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