Trump's crime plan and liberal empathy for crooks

NY Times:
Civil rights activists and national security veterans fear Mr. Trump’s plan could have the effect of treating minorities with suspicion and singling them out for scrutiny.
Trump does not speak with a lawyer-like precision most of the time and has a tendency to overstate his case, but I think in this case the Times is misconstruing his position on crime.   What I think he means is that people in the black community are the main victims of crime and that is why their neighborhoods need special attention.

Stopping the crime in those neighborhoods requires a certain level of intrusiveness and that is why he favors stop and frisk policies which worked to reduce homicides in New York.  Whether as President he has the power to institute such policies on the local level is another matter.

What is clear, is that in high crime neighborhoods you need an increased force to space ratio to deter criminals.  It is similar to counterinsurgency warfare, where you flood the zone and make it hard for the bad guys to move to contact.  It works to reduce crime and protect the people who live there, even if the crooks feel hassled by it.


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