A plan to deal with Islamic radicalization?

NY Times:

Bombing Case Points to Gaps in Candidates’ Antiterror Plans

  • Nothing in the platforms of Hillary Clinton or Donald J. Trump would have had much chance of stopping Ahmad Rahami from planting bombs in New York and New Jersey.
  • His case shows that the debate on the campaign trail fails to address the most common cause of radicalization in the United States, when personal demons morph into ideologically driven violence.
You would need a surveillance program that would keep an eye on anyone who traveled to countries with a history of radical Islamists groups who support terrorism.  Such a program would have tagged Rahami after his visit to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Friends say he changed after that trip and became more radical.  I believe that during the Bush administration there were greater efforts to find the people who met with the radicals and he kept the US homeland safer than Obama has.


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