The phony outrage over the Skittle analogy

Ed Rogers:
Is it just me, or is the media becoming a tad unhinged over the fact that Donald Trump hasn’t cratered? Their exasperation is showing as they get a little too wrapped up in an all-out race to stop Trump. Specifically, I am referring to the ridiculous faux outrage and the foot-stomping, almost-weeping anguish among many in the news media, as well as commentators, over Donald Trump Jr.’s analogy comparing poisoned Skittles with nefarious actors seeking to enter the United States by posing as refugees – as they have in Europe. The clearly rattled New York Times put its anguished “how-dare-he” reaction above the fold on the front page in a headline declaring, “Skittles Post By Trump Son Fits a Pattern.”

Anyway, what am I missing here? Good grief. Earlier this week, the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general revealed that 858 people who were supposed to have been deported from the United States were instead actually accidentally granted citizenship. Oops. And this is the same DHS that wants us to believe their vetting of refugees is flawless. Where’s the outrage over that? Is the media worried about the “pattern” of conduct from those 858 individuals?
I think the worse reaction was the guy who compared DT, Jr. to Hitler over the analogy.  Democrats do have a tendency to call their opponents Nazis, but over a Skittles analogy?  Their frustration with Trump is truly making them crazy.

DHS is now admitting that refugee fraud is easy to commit and difficult to stop.  That sounds like the poison Skittles are getting in.


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