Media seems out of touch with the mood of the country

NY Times:

For Some Newspapers, Endorsing Clinton Means Losing Subscribers

The Arizona Republic on Tuesday joined several other publications that had broken long traditions of backing Republicans for president.
The Dallas Morning News has also taken similar hits to its circulation.  I think even liberal papers are also losing credibility because of some of their attacks on Trump.  The Washington Post has lost all objectivity when it comes to the 2016 race.

As readers of this blog know, I am no fan of Donald Trump.  There were probably a dozen of so other candidates in the GOP primary I thought would be better suited for the job of President.  I have certainly been critical of Trump, but mainly on the issues and his demeanor.  But, I have also pointed out when the media has made unfair attacks on Trump.

Hillary Clinton is also not prize.   Her lies are much more damaging those those of Trump.  Trump tends to exaggerate to make a point.  Clinton lies to cover up her misdeeds and incompetence.  There is a difference which the media tends to overlook.  As much as I dislike Trump as a candidate, I think Hillary is unworthy of any serious person's endorsement.  Besides being incredibly dishonest, she is  an unthinking liberal ideologue.

She is a person with no limiting principles.  Her immigration stand is absurd.  To suggest that anyone has the right to come to the US is nonsensical and is contrary to the law.  If you followed her policy the US would have to accept two or three billion foreigners if they chose to come here.

She lies about the cause of the great recession to cover up the bad policies pushed by her husband's administration on housing and banking issues.  No intelligent person can argue that the recession was caused by tax cuts.  That is absurd on its face.  But it reflects the kid of dishonest person she is.


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