Dallas Morning News "paid a price" for its Hillary Clinton endorsement

When The Dallas Morning News endorsed Hillary Clinton for president earlier this month, it broke a 75-year streak of not endorsing a Democrat.

The editorial drew pushback from many readers in Texas, a Republican-dominated state that hasn't voted for a Democrat since Jimmy Carter in 1976. A sampling of the comments underneath the endorsement (more than 3,500) gives some idea of the magnitude of the criticism. Many readers vowed to unsubscribe, although some praised the newspaper for taking a stand for what it called the only "serious candidate on the presidential ballot."

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But it also paid financially for its decision to endorse Clinton. Although he declined to say how many readers cancelled their subscriptions, Dallas Morning News Editor Mike Wilson acknowledged the endorsement came with a price tag.
The endorsement does not appear to have swayed Texas voters who are still rejecting Clinton's candidacy.  Many are also still disappointed with the GOP nominee and think both of the major candidates suck.  At this point, it looks like there are enough willing to eat the crap sandwich that is the Trump campaign in order to deny Clinton.


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