Trump v. Ford--What he gets wrong

Brandon Morse:
Trump Blatantly Lied About Ford Motors Moving Everything To Mexico. In Fact, They’re Creating U.S. Jobs
It may be fairer to say he is misinformed.  Ford is not firing any workers in the US, much less shutting down US operations of the company.  It is moving production of low-profit-margin vehicles to Mexico and reassigning US workers to higher profit vehicles in the US.

Trump is exposing his ignorance of the trade situation and the facts in this particular case.  I think he has been dead wrong about NAFTA all along.  He has been mainly pandering to failed blue state economies burdened by forced unionization which makes them uncompetitive.  Actually, foreign car manufacturing has increased in the US over the time period of the trade agreement.  They are just smart enough to locate their plants in right to work states.


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