Clinton compares gun violence to terrorism

Washington Examiner:
Hillary Clinton believes Americans need to be as worried about gun violence as they are about terrorism.

"[I]t's not only terrorists we need to be worried about," Clinton said in an interview published Thursday afternoon by AARP.

The Democratic nominee's remarks came as she explained she has a plan to combat both terrorism as well as the broader issue of gun violence in the U.S.

Clinton was prompted by the question: "What would you do to address terrorism?"
"But I'm looking at violence broadly," Clinton added. "It's also why I've advocated gun-safety reform, like comprehensive background checks, closing the gun-show loophole, closing the online loophole — because, you know, it's not only terrorists we need to be worried about.
This is more liberal clap-trap.  There is not gun-show loophole and data shows that most criminals don't buy guns at dealers or gun shows or online.  They tend to buy them from criminal associates or they steal them so her policies would mainly inconvenience the innocent and do nothing to stop the problem she is aiming at.

She is really not serious about stopping terrorism when she stays cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood and is reluctant to deal with radical Islam and the preachers of hate in the mosques.  She would mainly continue Obama's failed policies.


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