Trump's base has a hostile reaction to Democrat coup attempt

Washington Post:
Americans divided over whether to impeach and remove Trump, poll finds

Although the Washington Post-ABC News found that the public is split on the ultimate question of President Trump’s fate, support for the proceedings has risen over the past few months.

Is Trump’s base wavering over impeachment? The tale of one congressman’s defiance suggests not.
I have rarely seen Republ.icans so angry with Democrat attempts to overthrow the 2016 election with a bogus impeachment effort filled with bad faith on the part of the Democrats behind it.  There is anger at the Democrats and at the media who support this coup attempt going from one hoax to the next in order to try to find a reason for their political hit job.  The Democrat party is a disgrace as it was in the Civil War and in the Jim Crow era.

There is literally nothing wrong with what Trump said in his conversation with the Ukraine leader.  To suggest otherwise is to say that Democrat corruption cannot be investigated because they are running against Trump.  That is a ludicrous position.


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