Trump lawyers skeptical of fair process in House impeachment move

NY Times:

Trump Lawyers, Skeptical of Engaging on Impeachment, Weigh Hearing Strategy

The White House is debating whether to accept an invitation by Democrats to be part of an impeachment hearing next week, calling it a “sham partisan process.”
The only reason they might want to participate is to expose the rush to judgment by the Democrats who failed to make their case during the Schiff show.  The media has been too blind to the mess Schiff made and the great job done by Republicans on cross-examination that utterly destroyed the narrative the Democrats were trying to push. 

Polling after the Schiff fiasco showed the Democrats losing ground on their political case they tried to make against the President. Both the Democrats and the media lost credibility after that hearing.  The media got exposed as hearing only what they wanted to hear instead of offering a fair presentation of the lack of evidence in support of the Democrats' claims.

It is clear that Republicans see the Democrats' impeachment efforts as illegitimate.  Schiff tried to stifle the Republicans' defense of the President by suppressing evidence.  Nadler was even worse in his earlier efforts to push impeachment.


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