Frightened climate change kids disrupt football game

Washington Post:
Videos from New Haven, Conn., show the crowd on the field swelling as people in the stands joined student activists from Fossil Free Yale and Divest Harvard.
Despite the failure of climate change to meet the exaggerated claims of its proponents, there are still a bunch of kids frightened by the scary predictions.  I do not qualify as a "boomer" since I was born during World War II.  But it is clear to me that New York is still not underwater as news reports predicted it would be by now, nor is Miami.  The poles are not ice-free as projected by the climate change crowds.  Those trying to prove the ice is shrinking have been trapped in the ice and needed rescuing.  Just a few years ago a new warship was stranded in a Canadian port on the Great lakes for several months because of ice.  The ice surrounding the South Pole has actually expanded.

I am sorry these kids have been so misled by people with an agenda.


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