Opponents of Trump seen as bigger threat of violence

Dave Workman and Jeff Dunetz:
A new Rasmussen survey says voters“see a bigger threat of violence from President Trump’s opponents than from his supporters if Democrats succeed in removing him from office, a prospect that may be diminishing on live television as the House hearings continue. nce Trump opponents.

The Rasmussen survey found 53 percent of likely voters are concerned that if Trump is impeached and removed from office there will be violence. Of that number, 24 percent are “very concerned,” the polling giant said.

But 59 percent said they are worried that those opposed to Trump’s policies “will resort to violence, including 34 percent who are ‘very’ concerned.,” Rasmussen noted.

So far the testimony from the witnesses appearing before the House Intelligence Committee hasn’t come close to establishing impeachable offenses, but that isn’t going to satisfy Trump’s opponents, who have been trying to get rid of him since election night 2016. Most probably the Bug-eyed Bull-Sh**ting Barrister of Burbank will get his impeachment vote, but there is no way the Senate will remove him.
So far, most of the political violence since Trump's election has come from liberal fascist groups like Antifa.


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